Case Study – Enfield Island Village

Enfield Island Village is an urban village on the boundaries of London, Hertfordshire and Essex.Historically part of Essex it became part of Enfield following the closure of the Royal Small Arms Factory at the end of the 1990’s.

An estimated 3,000 people now live on the Island in over 1,300 houses and flats.

Amber Management were appointed in 2005 for Enfield Island Village Trust, and in 2007 on behalf of the 9 Block Management Companies.

Enfield Island Village

Richard Palczynski, Former Chairman, Enfield Island Village Trust

The level of confidence that has been built between the team at Amber Management and the population of the Island as a whole has meant that in addition to the work that Amber do for the Trust, they are also independently contracted with the majority of the island’s Block Management Companies to perform general maintenance and management duties. This is, in itself, a measure of the level of service to which the residents feel they receive from the team at Amber Management. Speaking on behalf of Enfield Island Village Trust, as one of their largest developments, we have always found Amber to be professional and reliable in executing their duties.

In a population as close as the Island, where many people have developed their own island social networks, Amber Management have been placed under extreme pressure at times to do things differently, or to make different decisions. The fact that the team at Amber have been able to withstand this and to stick to their professional positions has taken a personal toll on the individuals involved. But again, it is in dealing with such negative matters that we feel demonstrates the outstanding service we receive from them.

I personally take pleasure in endorsing their work and would recommend them to anyone seeking such services in the future.

Richard Mitchell, Block Director

I can comfortably say that since the island was built, Amber Management has by far and away been the best managing agent to assume the role on the island. What defines Amber above other managing agents is their responsiveness, pro-activeness and flexibility when undertaking projects.

It is through their hard work and commitment, often going above and beyond the call of duty that various prevalent issues such as fly-tipping, crime, waste management, abandoned vehicles and landscaping on the island have been addressed, significantly improved and the island has become a better place to live.

Above and beyond the day to day on-site management of the island, Amber’s provides outstanding support to the Block Management Companies which includes detailed financial management and budgeting, cost-neutral debt recovery and legal support.

I really cannot praise Amber highly enough, they have been an excellent supplier to the island and we recently undertook a new three year contract with them to continue to support the island.